Commercial to residential conversions

The UK business landscape is transitioning and shifting, resulting in ever-increasing numbers of commercial premises becoming available on the open market.

Whether developer or free-minded future homeowner, there has never been more opportunities for scooping up a commercial property with residential promise and potential.

For developers, these types of buildings often represent a potentially lucrative project – providing more freedom as to how the space can be used, and offering price points that may maximise profits. In some instances, there are also incentives for regeneration from local government, making commercial to residential projects good business sense.

For ambitious future homeowners, commercial spaces make for a far larger blank canvas than the typical house or apartment that’s already built.

As for the finished results, they can undoubtedly be unique. But between then and now, your project demands a long line-up of boxes to be checked.

You need Structural engineers with imagination and inventiveness – especially when re-working a period or listed building. You’ll also need them to be pain staking in their scrutiny of buildability and the costs that will be associated. And, last but not least, you’ll need them to create calculations using only the most cutting-edge of software.

We want to be clear here – it takes vision and imagination to explore and discover the right materials, and to overcome buildability and structural roadblocks. Commercial to residential properties demand proficient Structural engineers. Experience is crucial, ingenuity even more so.

As Structural engineers that specialise exclusively in residential projects, we know just how many skillsets, resources and tools that a commercial to residential project demands. And we’re ready when you are.

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