About Us

We are Legacy Structural Engineers.

Innovative, economical & sustainable engineering solutions.

 For homeowners, architects and developers the length and breadth of the UK, we offer a full suite of residential calculation, design, and inspection services.


Alongside you, we’ll forge ahead to achieve the goals of your project – always in a way that balances the environment, with economics – aesthetics, with ethics. Not one’s for merely fulfilling building regulations or compromising for the sake of red tape, our solutions are forward-thinking and always developed with the end client in mind.

 Our values begin and end with people; from our employees who take care of our clients, to the ways in which we treat communities and the environment in which we live. These values serve as our firm foundations – guiding decisions in design and in business.


We prize sustainability – creating buildings that are designed, from the ground up, to maintain an ecological balance – in their design, operation and, eventually, in their decommissioning.  Yet we don’t believe that sustainability should come at the cost of a rise in budget – to the contrary, these measures should reduce, not increase, projects costs.

We invest and revere community – at a local level, and the world at large. In all that we do, we are ethical – every decision we make and action we take, we place weight on the social, economic and environmental impact, and never turn our cheek to poor building practices.

We are agile – reacting and responding to shifts in industry innovation, and wholeheartedly embracing emerging technologies, materials and methods.

We aim for excellence – the best designs; the clearest, most concise information possible; the most unrelenting of quality control. Part and parcel of our pursuit for excellence, are our engineers – each of whom undertake 100 hours of professional development each and every year.

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