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Loft Conversions can help your home

How loft conversions are good for your home?

Loft conversions can help a home in many ways.  In fact it is one of the ways to gain best ROI (Return on Investment) when you are planning for home improvement. These conversions create additional space and add value to a house.

Space created can be used for many purposes that may include a bathroom, bedroom, home office, or a room for relaxing.

Having a loft conversion on your house on average increases its value by over 20%. A loft conversion provides increased number of rooms and conveniences. The more the number of rooms and space in a house the more expensive the house becomes in terms of buying it.

When you are planning to sell your home and really want to fetch the maximum amount out of it, having a loft conversion could be your way out. Buyers are prepared to give more for space. When selling your house, chances are you will get a customer faster if it has loft.

It is good to do a loft conversion even if you are not planning to sell your house at the moment. When the time comes it will provide extra cash.

 Is there any Planning permission for loft conversion?

Loft conversions are permitted developments and they do not need planning permissions, unlike extensions where one goes through a lot of hassles before being allowed to have it done to their homes. However, the following conditions must be known and met:

  • If done on a terraced ground a new roofing must not exceed 40 cubic meters
  • On detached and semidetached houses the new roofing must not exceed 50 cubic meters
  • No extension should be made beyond the plane of the current roof slope
  • No extension can be made higher than the highest part on the roof
  • Materials to be used must be like or close to the original
  • No balconies or a raised platform

A good loft conversion will increase your home’s value. Here is how it is done:

  1. Add more natural light in the house

With the extra openings that come with a loft conversion more light is allowed into the house.

  • Roof-lights can be introduced that allow light to enter the house through the roof of the house.
  • Dormers can also be used to bring in more lights to the house.
  • Windows can be placed in each room of a loft bringing more natural light to the room.

Natural light brings comfort while providing the mental and visual stimulus needed to control circadian rhythms. One more benefit that comes from maximum utilization of natural light is that it saves on cost.

A well utilized natural light can reduce energy costs by up to 20%. The money saved could be used for other things that improve the home.

Our loft conversion solutions provide you with all the options required to add more light to your dream home.

  1. Adding extra space 

A loft conversion makes use of the existing upper space of the house. This is the space that is of no use and only unused belongings are kept there. The fact that something could be done on it and you can make use of it, is good to hear.  The space can be added using the standard box or dormer’s loft conversion solution.

  1. Add more storage space

Most people are forced to dispose their possessions cheaply just because they lack where to store them. All these frustrations can be done away with by creating an additional space to store things that we do not use.

The most effective way space be created is by having a loft conversion. It will not only store for you things that you hold dearly but also keep your tools, clothes you are not wearing and many other things.

Types of loft conversion we provide

  • Dormer loft conversion

Dormers apart from giving the house more natural light also provide the room with more space. They add more useable floor that could be used for many purposes. The created space in the house can be transformed into bedrooms for visitors, thus saving the money that would be paid for a night in a hotel.

If you have been dreaming of having a bathroom for your guests the extra space on the loft could just provide that.

You can use Legacy Structural’s loft conversion solutions to convert your dreams into reality. We use various types of dormers such as standard box which is used with flat roof. We also provide hip-to-gable dormer which is generally used on semi-detached houses to replace a slopping roof (known as hip) with a wall flushed to exterior wall (known as gable).

Our solutions provide the thoroughgoing available head height, hence creating a better usable floor area. The main styles of dormer conversions include:

  • Flat-Roof Dormer (standard)- A Dormer Conversion with a flat roof
  • Gable-Fronted Dormer – Also called ‘Doghouse’ Dormer
  • Hipped-Roof Dormer – A Dormer loft Conversion with a hipped roof
  • Shed Dormer – It is a single planed Roof that is pitched at a smaller angle than the main roof
  • Mansard loft conversion

This type of conversion includes a flat roof with a back wall slanted inwards at an angle. Window can be added within the small dormers. These loft conversions usually require planning permissions because of larger changes to roof structure.

We do specialize in double- mansard loft conversions and l-shaped loft conversions. Our l-shaped conversions can open up the space and increase your property’s value. It is most suitable if you want to convert your loft into open-plan bedroom.

Mansard conversions are suitable for many different types of properties. The best pros for mansard conversion are that it can be finished in different ways to match the existing home style.

How much a loft conversion can cost?

The total cost for loft conversion is never fixed. It usually depends on the existing available space, need of alterations to be made, and the existing roof structure.

We provide two packages for loft conversion given as following:

  • Standard Loft conversion package

These calculations include:

  • Floor Steel Beam Design
  • Floor Joist Design including Trimming Joists
  • Roof Design – Rafters and Ridge Beams
  • Steel Post designs – where required

All of these available for only £295.00 with NO VAT

  • Dormer Loft conversion package

These calculations include:

  • Floor Steel Beam Design
  • Floor Joist Design including Trimming Joists
  • Roof Design – Rafters and Ridge Beams
  • Steel Post designs – where required
  • Dormer Trimmers in Timber – where possible.
  • Dormer Walls and Roof Design

All of these available for only £395.00 with NO VAT

The loft will give you the best view of the topography during the day and an opportunity to have a better view of the sky at night. You can spend time looking at the stars in night. Watching the stars is considered a way of relaxing after a long and tiresome day. It could be just what you need in your home.

With all these reasons it is more beneficial to have a loft on your house.  It is a profitable project and the end results are pleasing. Many experts recommend a loft conversion, so does the housing market research.

Although loft conversions are advised, fire safety should be in mind when constructing. It is necessary for all rooms in the loft to have escape windows. The joists have to be checked if they can hold the loft floor. If not, then additional joists are added running along the already existing ones.

For more information on pricing simply send us your plans and we will send you a quote!


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