Residential Projects


That lost space has sat unused and unloved for too long – space that can provide the Holy Grail of home improvement – adding value, while changing the way in which you live.

With your architectural plans in hand, we’ll create the most efficient structural solution for your expansion into the loft – reclaiming space that has served as nothing more than dark, dusty storage, for far too long.

Our team are entrusted with loft extensions of all forms – from internal modification, to adding a new dormer or expanding upwards, as well as the introduction of an entirely new floor, redesigning existing layouts, and removing the roof in its entirety to be structurally redesigned.

Asides from maximising spaces, we also appreciate that it is reassurance you need, when confronting the process that is building regulation; the rules and guidelines of which have never been more stringent in terms of exactly what is expected of your loft conversion. Our plans remove the guesswork from the application process – making approval a certainty, rather than involving a worrying wait.

Our experienced residential engineers can also inspect the existing roof structure, where project complications are to be considered.

The outcome of all of which is a detailed pack of plans, information and calculations which can be passed directly to potential builders – in turn allowing them to visualise and understand precisely what is required.

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