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benefits of installing an orangery

What are the Benefits of Installing an Orangery?

The orangery structure dates right back to the seventeenth century in both Europe and North America. Originally built to protect oranges and other various exotic fruit trees from destruction during the winter months, it’s clear to see where the ‘orangery’ name originates. In contrast to a conservatory, which maintains its identity as the “garden room” […]

Saving Money on Home Extensions

A home extension can be an expensive project if it’s not planned carefully or thought about realistically. An extension doesn’t need to be complex, labour-intensive or result in an excessive number of avoidable fees. Planning an extension requires careful consideration of the design, materials, and trades needed, the budget, permits and your fellow neighbours. There […]

home extensions nottingham

Why a Home Extension Can Be Life-Changing

A home extension to your home can be life-changing in that it can completely alter the floor plan of your home and lift the value of the property, whilst still maintaining its original foundations. Extensions are certainly a cost-effective solution for increasing the value of your home – whether it be for immediate sale, personal […]