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benefits of installing an orangery

What are the Benefits of Installing an Orangery?

The orangery structure dates right back to the seventeenth century in both Europe and North America. Originally built to protect oranges and other various exotic fruit trees from destruction during the winter months, it’s clear to see where the ‘orangery’ name originates. In contrast to a conservatory, which maintains its identity as the “garden room” of the house, a modern orangery serves as an upmarket, luxurious sunroom. An orangery is built as a convenient thoroughfare from the external zone of the property to the internal home space. When designed professionally and constructed with state-of-the-art materials, an orangery installation can alter the entire ambience and appeal of a home.


Don’t be perplexed by the similarities of orangeries and conservatories, they do have distinct differences that set them apart. While a conservatory is made mostly of glass in its structure, the orangery has considerably less in comparison. The orangery is commonly built with a parapet – a low protective barrier that extends along the inner edge of the roof. The conservatory has a distinct full glass roof and tends to compliment the home by using the same brick colour and materials. The orangery, on the other hand, while complimenting the house in tone and colour of the materials used, is a much more elegant and sophisticated extension of the home that blends beautifully with the original construct.


Serving more in its purpose than just simply an alteration to a house, the orangery is commonly built with solid roofing, parapets, external-grade doors, intricate brickwork, full-height brick or stone pillars, and brick or stone bases. Regardless of your preference for materials, colours and size when contemplating an installation of an orangery to your home, it’s imperative that you consider a professional team who can produce an economic, efficient and environmentally sound design. Structural consulting engineers like the team at Legacy Structural are experts in their field and will ensure their service and innovative designs provide you with the best support, strategy and design to achieve a high-quality, visually-appealing orangery.


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Installing an orangery is a cost-effective investment that not only drastically increases the value of your home, but it creates an additional room for more space and movement. The additional space may be used as a sitting or lounge room, an extra bedroom, a room for entertaining guests, a dining room, an office or workspace, a home gym or children’s playroom. Incredibly versatile, orangeries can be created entirely from scratch, for any purpose. Once the function of the room has been decided, the orangery can be accessorised and furnished accordingly.


When planned carefully and completed to satisfaction, an orangery conveniently connects the inner home to the outer home environment. Guests or residents may use this space as a place of reflection and relaxation, particularly considering the benefits that come with being surrounded by greenery in the home, including: increasing creativity and productivity, and reducing stress, outside noise and illness. Furthermore, orangeries are an excellent way to update the overall environment and improve air quality within the home. In addition to creating a peaceful, flowing ambience into the home, an orangery allows for ventilation into and throughout the home. This is a major benefit for those who suffer from allergies or asthma symptoms as the ventilation produced from surrounding plantation reduces the level of certain pollutants, reduces airborne dust levels, and keeps air temperatures down.


Although conservatories traditionally have a full glass roof, it’s not uncommon for orangeries to adopt this technique to give the room its maximal light and atmosphere potential. Many orangeries, however, are constructed with lantern roofing, complementing the parapet inside the orangery. The floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light and enables the orangery to feel bright, spacious and inviting. Not only is there additional light into the room, but the natural light from the sun keeps the room warm throughout the winter seasons. For the warmer seasons, orangeries can be customised with shutters or blinds to detract heat from entering the room and house.


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When deciding on an appropriate company to undertake professional residential calculations, always select a team of professionals like Legacy Structural who use cutting-edge and reliable software which will allow a three-dimensional analysis to the latest British or European Standards. Calculations for your building control submission should be presented in a clear, electronic format for the appropriate recipient, including: the client, the architect, local authorities, site foreman and any other relevant parties involved.


Legacy Structural are the professionals in design services and specialise in equipping you with the necessary expertise and information to achieve your desired orangery or extension. Their innovative designs and calculations are suitable for building control submission and can be delivered in an effective and timely manner. Trained in providing comprehensive designs and support to architects, contractors, developers and private clients, Legacy Structural can facilitate and manage the entire design project on your behalf. Due to the complexity of the construction, a consultation should be made to discuss planning permits, design, client needs, materials timelines, budget, sustainability, and durability. Get in touch with the team at Legacy Structural and find out how they can assist you in getting the service and result that’s right for you.


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