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Why a Home Extension Can Be Life-Changing

A home extension to your home can be life-changing in that it can completely alter the floor plan of your home and lift the value of the property, whilst still maintaining its original foundations. Extensions are certainly a cost-effective solution for increasing the value of your home – whether it be for immediate sale, personal enjoyment and challenge or future investment.

An extension gives you the freedom and flexibility to create more space within the home for various purposes, from an additional bedroom to a second bathroom or playroom for the kids. The additional space increases opportunities for natural light to enter the home and warm up the entire house, a favoured feature for any home-buyer.

An extension doesn’t have to be a lengthy, complicated process. Enlisting the expertise of a structural consulting engineer, like the experts at Legacy Structural Design, can ensure the process is quick, efficient, cost-effective and professional.

Oak Conservatory

We have all been involved in or witnessed an extension taking place, either in the past directly or indirectly when visiting someone else’s “half-done” home. The idea might seem intimidating and overwhelming at first, considering it is a permanent alteration to your home that requires intricate thought, detailed planning and several consultations with various trades for its success.

However, the process doesn’t need to be complex or demanding when you engage a structural consulting engineer that is specialised in planning and designing home extensions. Legacy Structural Design has a team of leaders in their field who believe in producing efficient, effective and environmental engineering solutions for their clients. Their innovative extension designs enable clients to create their dream homes. In addition to providing floor plans and designs for an extension, the team at Legacy Structural Design can guide you through each step of the extension process.

The idea of an extension begins with an initial plan and desired goal; then an application for a planning permit is submitted – which is likely to be accepted when designed by an expert and when building regulations have been clearly considered. Next, the selection and purchasing of building and decorative materials. Finally, the construction by a registered and qualified builder and utilisation of other necessary trades depending on the size and nature of the home extension.

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An extension can vary in size and largely depends on the desired outcome and purpose for the alteration. Depending on region permits, extensions can be one- or two-storys high. Permits are much easier to obtain for a one-story extension than a two-story extension, but they are possible if that is your wish.

There are benefits to both single- and double-story extensions and should you feel perplexed, the team at Legacy Structural Design can provide you with an appropriate evaluation to assist you with your decision. A two-story extension allows twice the number of square metres of additional space in the home for a much lower price than the cost of two one-story extensions of the same area.

A one-story extension is a popular choice for those who are seeking to enlarge an existing space within their home to make it more open-plan – such as a kitchen and dining room – to allow increased natural light into the home and to improve the overall ambience. Although a two-story extension may hinder the amount of natural light that comes into the home, an expert structural consulting engineering team can help to assess and design a floor plan that reaps the benefits and maximises all parts of the extension, including awkward spaces and hallways.

As one of the greatest ways to gain a considerable ROI (Return on Investment) when planning for home improvement, for use now or for future investment purposes, an extension is a cost-effective solution to increasing the value of your home. Home buyers and real estate agents alike particularly favour homes that have large rooms, and many of them.

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A home extension is a key engineering solution that increases the area of the home, creates more space for additional storage, entertaining purposes, or to overhaul an existing floorplan, and thus can increase the overall value of the property. Further, any extension to an older, worn-out home can entirely rejuvenate the property and give it the uplifting attention it needs.

This is especially favourable for clients who want to stay in the neighbourhood but would like to update their homes for their own pleasures and to fit in with their goals. Hiring a professional structural design engineer at Legacy Structural Design can assist you with ensuring the process of your extension is undertaken professionally, appropriately, cost-effectively and is time-saving where possible.

You can be rest assured the team at Legacy Structural Design will take care of your home extension designs from start to finish. Experts in producing high-quality, environmentally-friendly designs for a wide range of home extensions, Legacy Structural Design can create an innovative floor plan and strategy for getting your extension complete efficiently and cost-effectively.

Get in touch with the team today with your extension ideas, plans, queries or questions and they can get back to you with a quote and any other additional information required.


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